LANalyzer (where is it!)




Does anyone know where I can get hold of ANY version of this network analyser software?

Many thanks in advance!



Hi you

At the moment I do not know, but wait another few days … Meanwhile you can use NAI Sniffer Pro (which is much better than LANalyser). You can download it at

Version 2.5 is there. If you know a newer version, i was looking very hard for it, but never found. Do you have a tool where i can access read/write on FAT 32 with Windows NT 4.0 ??? URGENT.



If you know the manufacturer you can look at their site and try to get a trial version and then download the crack from astalavista…



Thanks sies!

With all the programs I’ve been cracking lately (it’s a bit of a hobby for me) I didn’t think of that one! I think my brain has taken a week’s vacation from my head!

Thanks again!