I need a softwere which provides you to talk (voice-chat on lan not INTERNET
) over the LAN using mic.SEND ME A LINK OR ADRESS PLS!!! :bow:

ventrilo allows up to 9 people to use its free version at once, i believe.

where can i get it frm.

Netmeeting comes with windows and is free
AIM is free and has a mic option for chat
Come to think about it just about any P2P chat software does :wink:

but will they work on LAN without Internwt

You can always use internal IP’s to connect. Or set up a DHCP Server (or get a cheap $15 router) and eliminate the idea of using specific software, and use anything available.

Netmeeting can call an internal IP, Network, or Directory. I never tried it with Computer Names though.

Any new solutions in voice LAN chat software?