lameACM.acm missing




So, I was being kinda stupid with installing software yesterday and I remember one of the programs I installed told me it was renaming and moving lameACM.acm for whatever reason, but I can’t remember where it moved it, what it renamed it as or what the program was.

I’ve tried downloading different zip files that are supposed to install the codec again, but none of them contain the actual file and the applications in the folders don’t work (likely because this computer has Vista on it), so I was wondering if anyone knows where I can download lameACM.acm or if there are any other solutions.




so, you download those and theres some html’s ant lame.exe, console mode encoder, but it doesnt install any lameacm or other shit, that it writes in its description. how to install normal codecs ?!?!?


Uncompress the files from archive, right-click on the “LameACM.inf” file and select Install.


Thank you all for your help,time and trouble.
Yours sincerely gregnich.