Lame vs. Razor Lame

Just finished my first EAC rip and Lame with Razor Lame front end MP3 conversion. Resluts were a lot better than I have had with commercial products.

I really like the ease of the RazorLame front end, but I would like your opinions on two items:

  1. Am I “missing” some important options by using RazorLame and not going to Lame directly ?

  2. Are there any other Lame “front ends” that any of you use and like better.


Jolo (Jon) :bigsmile:

i thought razor lame was just lame with a nice interface?

It is just a GUI front end for Lame.
A VERY good one at that.

All of the Lame options are available in Razor Lame. CBR/ABR & VBR encoding etc.

As far as I can see, Razorlame is missing some of the more “experimental” options of Lame as well as creating id3 tags. Don’t forget that Lame is still evolving.

There are other lame GUIs, but most are only shareware: “winLAME”, “Rosoft Lame Encoder”, “LAMEr”, “BofA’s Audio Utility” and probably others.


There is a feature in RazorLame somewhere that lets you enter in your switches and settings manually. Whatever features that are in LAME that’s missing in RL you can just use that to enter it in.

As for the missing id3 tag options, I just use Mp3 Tag Tools ( It is freeware and I really do not know how I lived without it. Supports id3v2 also. :slight_smile: