LAME version 3.91 is available



I just posted the article LAME version 3.91 is available.

LCKLu_Beest used our newssubmit to tell us that Doom9 has posted a new release of LAME, the best (free!) MP3 encoder available …

Lame 3.91 stable which has a bugfix for --alt-preset, that…

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hehe, watch this, I suck!
moan: this has been out for ages, it was out when u posted the note about version 3.9


Hey, I didn’t know ok?! I’m so fed up with this “I knew that before you - I’m so f*&cking great” Why don’t you post some news yourself? twat


It actually wasn’t 3.91 it was something goofy like and it was unofficial and wasn’t posted on all the Lame sites. 3.91 is official so yes this is new news. But if you don’t use the --alt-preset you probably don’t care anyway.


Thanks AweShucks for clearing it up… @ nila: get your facts straight before you start making those lame replies.


GAM3FR3AK, if you change someones post (like nila’s) put moderated in it, now you can let anyone say what you want.


@SaTaN: I cannot moderate users reactions. Oh well can’t have it all :wink:


omg, U guys have no sence of humour. I was taking the piss. I really cant believe you guys thought I was seriously moaning, how slow are you?? :slight_smile: I’m usually the first one to tell moaners to piss off so I thought I’d be ironic (yes, look it up in a dictionary) and do it myself. It was meant to be humour, I love G@M3FR3@K and his postings :d even if they are late :4


And just for AweShucks - it was 3.91. It was posted on the site of the guy who did the bug fix specifically to fix the header problem. Your right though, it wasn’t posted on ALL the LAME sites. hehe, anyway, I’m gonna shut up cause I dont want anyone to take this serious, I was foolin around and still am.


I love G@M3FR3@K
Heheh LOL… I love you too :* :wink:


lame variable bit stereo is by far the best sounding mp3 codec there is -