LAME v3.89 beta released



I just posted the article LAME v3.89 beta released.

Thanx to both PoiSoN & RaDiX who used our newssubmit to tell us that LAME v3.89 has just been released to public.

This is the latest version of LAME, a good mp3 codecs that can be used with other…

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Yeah baby, Lame VBR simply rockz. Forget Fraunhofer :d


…a good mp3 codecs…
Rubbish. What you mean is:
The ONLY mp3 codec to use


JUST been released? I’m using that beta a week now and must say it’s faster than the previous versions. A pitty my MP3-player doesn’t play vorbis/ogg (yet) because I like tha t format better than the MP3 format.


We’ve said this before. Instead of whining that posts are old news and outdated, submit the news when you hear about it. Dont be a dead weight, help out if you know something new.


Instead of whining yourselfs, you’d better check your sources. You’re saying it’s just released while that’s not true. If you said: It’s out since a week, I wouldn’t have ‘whined’.


If a week ago you’d told us about it we would have said a week ago it’s just been released. We dont have time to check every single post, we give readers some credit for having brains. Stop being an ungrateful whine and either help out or find a page that is 0day and as leet as you.


That’s what I’m saying, a week ago it was just out, not yesterday. And still that line is in the newsitem. Why the hell should I help you hunting the net after news? I’m not the one earning money on this.


I’m not the one earning money on this too. And I didn’t ask you to hunt the net looking for news, I said if you know something already then share it. Anyway, enough argueing. In future, if you know any news just submit it so everyone can find out the news too.


Hey guys! I submited this news on last Sunday (the day I knew about it), but it was just added as a news… (it took 1 week to process the news?) :c