LAME MP3 encoder version 3.92 has been released!

I just posted the article LAME MP3 encoder version 3.92 has been released !.

A new version of, in my opinion, the best (and free!) MP3 encoder LAME has been released a few days ago. We couldn’t report about this new version sooner since the download page hadn’t been updated…

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Wahey!! This encoder IS the best. G@M3FR3@K IS RIGHT!! If you dont use it your a moron cause your poluting the mp3’s available with crap quality shite. :slight_smile:

The very best, it’s fast, good, sorry make that excellent, it’s free it kicks fraunhofer’s ass bigtime. Get it or forget it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, not all of us know how to use these “command line” type of programs. :c

How hard can it be for a newbie to type: lame -r3mix mysong.wav mysong.mp3 Lame is a piece of cake to use

I love this coder in combination with Eac to make the best quality mp3`s.

Tip: dl urself the new version and d/l and install SUPERIORMP3 (this has eac and lame, and a sort of automatic install procedure), then update the lame with the one u d/l’ed As for settings… choose forum forum faqs and ‘List of recommended LAME settings’ N_Joyyy

It’s a shame encoders like Xing have ruined the name of VBR mp3 encoding. Most people I talk with are obsessed with how shit-E all of those “VBR” encoders are. :frowning: It’s annoying how uneducated some people are. Perhaps one day they will become enlightened :slight_smile:

A little example, you use a program to rip Audio cd’s too mp3, ok with me so far :4 We have a program called Audiograbber which allows you too select an a different audio Encoder, instead of using its own internal Encoding solution. We place the new lame Dynamic Link Library (DLL for short) into the Audiograbber Dir on your Hard Disk. With me so far? Now When we open Audiograbber again, we can use the the Lame encoder to rip the Audio files :slight_smile: Too do this we need too click on the MP3 button, and then select the LameEnc DLL from the drop down interface :wink: Greetz from The Diplomat :8 It works for me :7 I just run the Audiograbber again, and it would appear that it has picked up the LameEncoder.DLL itself.

there are many good frontends for lame. go searching and you will find. ‘command-line’ is by no means a contra-argument :slight_smile: mirror-site for lame:

Interceptor I’m disappointed in you. You usually seem clued up. How can you even mention anything other than EAC. Especially with the new version that’s out now with it’s pretty new GUI. LAME AND EAC. And as for the guy who didn’t like the commond line interface. Get RAZORLAME if you want a nice GUI for LAME. Sweetness itself.

Really, I like Audiograbber, its just personal choice, I never made reference too any one idividual having to use it, did I! :wink: You can use whatever you like :4 My reaction too the post was too help newbies more than anything. I got all my m8’s using it, and they have never complained once :7 Besides at the moment I am going through hell, as I am scared that one of my relatives who is only 50 might pass away, she has been very ill for weeks, and has given blood samples so they I find out what is wrong. I have been watching this for a while, I don’t miss much, but it is affecting my own life, and I am angry that I can’t help her :frowning: So nila I guess you have been checking all my posts? :wink: I don’t know what else too say :c no greetz today :frowning: I don’t feel like it!

I like LAME because it has too many options to count. I’ve got it set up with EAC, but I’ve used it with a whole bunch of different front ends. The VBR quality of LAME speaks for itself. Nothing horrible about it. But, I still don’t like the sound of it :frowning: I’ve been playing around with the original L3ENC from Frau & friends and it seems to work produce better sounding files. But that’s just my ears, and I’m getting older by the day :slight_smile: My younger friends all prefer LAME and laugh at me for sticking with Frau’s old stuff. Didn’t mean to start a war over best codec, but now I use LAME and EAC to make some really nice sounding compressed files. After trying out OGG RC3, I’ve noticed just how good that little open source program has gotten over the past few months… :slight_smile: Check it out!

huh! good words, dx50azlm. OGG RC3 just r0x, and for me it’ll replace MP3, 'cause of its better quality and because it doesn’t have any patent pending. You don’t have to pay any fees to use OGG in your software or streaming, so you don’t need to pay any penny to Fraunhofer guys. :7

Personally I use Mpeg Suite by Electronic Cosmo. It has a god interface and supports Plugger and BladeEnc as well as its own internal “Electronic Cosmo” codec (which is damn fast and sounds great).

Hey interceptor, sorry to hear about your relative. That really sucks big time. I hope they get better!

Thank you nila, had a phonecall too say she is ok :slight_smile: Greetz from The Diplomat :8

LAMEr: LAME GUI --> :slight_smile:

LAME (ABR 200kbps) + EAC + RazorLAME + Ricoh MP7200A = The ULTIMATE (for sound quality anyway) RIPPING Combination. :4 BTW Lame is not considered a fast encoder by any means (compared with Xing anyways) I’ll be sure to tinker with the new version. Hopefully I can get it to work with Xmpeg again.