Lame MP3 Encoder from NERO

Lame MP3 Encoder from NERO

After using Roxio as easy as it was, Why oh why did I resort to Nero? I used to have the Nero 6.6.0 and it did not have an encoder,oh maybe a free 30 song trial,then you have to purchase the software. I called Nero, and asked them if I bought the Ultra Edition 7,would I have to worry about it,and he said it would come with it. Sooooo, I bought the retail CD, installed it,and then started having burn error messages,called nero support,they then said i’d have to download tha trial version online, and then register the CD key #. Well, I still don’t have the lame Encoder.

What I wanted was to insert any CD, Name the tracks using the gracenote database,then encode to MP3’s and save tracks to hard drive. What a Big deal! Never had such problems with Roxio.

Is the lame MP3 encoder such a Big deal anyway? I wouldn’t pay the 30.00 for this after spending $79.00 on the NERO 7… originally. :doh:

Rip using Cdex instead It’ll do exactly as you want and it’s free.

Nero uses the freedb service instead of GraceNote.

Also, you need to register the Lame PowerPack encoder. Nero has instructions for this on their support website.

It’s free, just needs for you to “add a key” in NeroSmartStart. They send you the key by email once you follow the steps.

Trying to remember, I think you open NeroBurningRom, choose the dropdown “extras” and choose to encode a file. Have something in wave format to encode to mp3 and browse to it. Select the LamePowerPack Encoder as the mp3 format you want Nero to use. Choose a destination for the finished file and click encode. This is where the message pops up to register the encoder and there’s a link to the webpage where you do that.

Nero sends you an email with your new key which you enter in addition to your normal Nero Ultra key in SmartStart. Sometimes this crashes when you do it, but when mine crashed I tried it again and it took fine.

By the way, all the Nero downloads now provide a Demo key. You MUST change this to your licenced cd key that came with your Ultra Edition product during the setup or you’ll be stuck in demo mode. It installs different files for the full version.