LAME MP3 Encoder 3.96 Final has been released *update*

I just posted the article LAME MP3 Encoder 3.96 Final has been released update.

magix used our news submit to tell us that this popular codec is out and ready for your consumption. Features: Many improvements in quality in speed …

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Don’t use this version since it has a nasty bug: Please keep using 3.90.3 version as recommended on Hydrogenaudio site:

As far as I know, Dibrom stopped fine tuning the audio quality of this beast way back around the 3.90 or so mark. I won’t be upgrading until he gets involved again - methinks too many adjustments are being made in the name of performance. 3.92 works just fine for me.

Someone please edit the news post so that more people know about that bug. cya
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thank you for the warning…hmm…weird drop out in thw wave forms
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grr…warning was added while i typed Sorry Upperdog
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Audiograbber ? HUh EAC rulez !

“Audiograbber ? HUh EAC rulez !” Spoken like a true noob. There is absolutely zero difference between the files produced by EAC, CDex or AudioGrabber. They are all superlative rippers. As to the oft repeated argument that EAC will recover a hard to rip cd, there are cds I have that EAC won’t rip and Audiograbber will - and vice versa. If your cd is that badly screwed, invest the $20 at Wal-Mart for the cd grinding kit (you may have luck - I certainly have) or toss the dead cd and buy a new one. Only a fool leaves their drive grinding away at a dead cd.

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Roj: You’re quite funny indeed. So “they are all superlative rippers”. So eveyone of them works the same way for all the drives, for all the discs, and for all the copyprotections… mmm BTW, if you can’t configure EAC properly to use with your AudioCDs maybe you’ll have to start thinking about who are you calling ‘fool’.

Junior, I’ve been at this quite likely longer than you have even known what mp3s were. My lineage goes back to the latter half of the nineties before the little L33T Fanboyz knew what mp3s were because back then there were no file sharing networks. I never said I couldn’t configure EAC to run with my hardware. I did say that all three rippers produced superlative results. I will also now add that each has its own version of the so-called “secure mode” - and the results are indeed the same. How can I say this? Try a CRC check of the results from all three. Then go learn something about how the magic works. Noobs…

While this is all nice coming up with all this junior stuff and I’ve been about for ages, sadly it doesn’t actually amount to you knowing anything at all Try doing some reading, old man

I make it a point to never pay attention to HA. Too much religious… …fanaticism. If it’s relevant I’m sure you’ll attempt to give me a breakdown of it.

If you don’t read the leading authority on audio compression, it’s no wonder your knowledge isn’t up to date!! Basically, although Cdex does have a “secure” mode, it’s nowhere near as efficent as EAC and has a lot more pops and crackles. Sure they might be slighty fanatical at HA, but that’s cos they love it so much I guess. Which is why you’ll always get honest opinions/reviews

Really - is that a fact. Then why do all the results have the same CRC? Because for all intents and purposes the results are The Same. As to the leading authority, I’ve heard a lot of what the leading authority has to say and with 25 years in hi-fi behind me, a couple multimedia speaker reviews, a beginner’s guide to ripping and encoding mp3s and at least one article on auditioning and buying multimedia speakers under my belt, years of experience on Usenet in the binary groups (where I’m considered a regular and known by name), Monsoon PM14s and a Revo before me and finally Martin-Logans in my living room, all I have to say is: FEH! No more of this - I’ve tarried too long on a fool’s errand.

Knowing MP3 from the nineties and talking as you do only shows that you’ve been losing a lot of time doing godknowswhat. Please, do us a favor and talk about what you know, ie. NOT ABOUT CDRIPPING. (now you have to say: nooobss and we all start again) BTW, i you allow me, ill keep this phrase for myself: “There is absolutely zero difference between the files produced by EAC, CDex or AudioGrabber.”

sorry, typo error: […] if you allow me […]

Good excuse, run away now you’ve realised that you don’t know what you’re talking about. You asked for a summary, and I gave you one. If you want more proof, you’ll just have to read the article at HA.