Lame laser cleaning question


I have an Ultra Plex wide reader and I am thinking the lens maybe dirty. What is the best way to clean it? I have heard mixed things about the lens cleaner cds.


I use the one with a tiny brush.

Don’t know if they are effective though.

Had no difference after the clean.

Very often it is… Use a popular solvent like isopropanol or
acetone… That’ll do the trick.


How do you use a solvent to clean a CD-ROM drive ???

I have only used CD-Lens Cleaner CDs with a tiny brush.

Originally posted by darshanjog
How do you use a solvent to clean a CD-ROM drive ???
You’ll have to open up the drive so you can access the laser. But if I were you I’d first try to clean it without having to open up the drive with a cleaning set for instance. Never tough the laser with your fingers.

Thanx for the tip.

Are Liquid CD Lens cleaner kits safe ???

It will be comfortable for me to clean without opening the drive.

I open my Video Camera, VCRs, Tapes for cleaning the heads but, i’ll not like to open my CD-ROM.

>Are Liquid CD Lens cleaner kits safe ???

Ok… I have to admit that I have absolutely no idea about CD Lens cleaner kits, but I really cannot understand how you should get
a cleaner lens without opening the drive and cleaning it yourself.

It’s done in no-time to open the drive and use a piece of cotton and a solvent to clean the lens. Excellent results every time.


See the advice at Cleaning a CD Writer.

As the article says, using alcohol may leave a film and may damage a plastic lens.

Acetone can dissolve plastic, and should never be used to clean a laser lens. This is a very harsh industrial solvent and will probably destroy the function of a plastic lens.

It is best to use a cleaning solution designed for this use or distilled water.