Lame Encoder Very Slow


I used Lame w/ Exact Audio Copy last year without problems with Windows 2000. I had to reinstall Windows 2000 recently on my desktop. Last night, I installed the EAC v .09beta3 and win32Lame 1.7 on my pc. Problem is, when I try to encode from .wav to .mp3, it takes a long time for it to finish, it takes around 2 hours per song. I had no problem in the past, it worked great before. I am using the “–remix” default options, by dragging and dropping the .wav files and hitting encode on win32lame. I also tried to use the command line option compression in EAC for lame, again using the “–remix” option, without any improvement, it also takes 2 hours to encode per song. Please help!



Try Lame 3.92 mabey then it works faster.

I was using Lame 3.92. What I did was, I deleted the lame.exe and unzipped the file again to get a fresh .exe file. That solved the problem, now EAC works great with the r3mix command line option.


Current new setting for Lame 3.92
–alt-preset standard or for faster encoding --alt-preset fast standard.