LAME encoder, Russian characters

I’m looking for a CD ripper that would be using the LAME encoder and would recognize cyrillic characters - recognize as in read cddb or freedb coherently and be able to give the ripped wav (and vbr mp3) a readable name in Russian. I’m using CD-ex and happy with it, but when it comes to Russian records, it is helpless. The only ripper that understands Russian reasonably that I have met so far is WMP 10, but as far as I know it uses the Fraunhofer encoder and it doesn’t allow vbr mp3 encoding anyway.
I know there must be programs out there that can do what I need, but I just haven’t been able to find them. Perhaps somebody has?

thanks in advance

(PS when Russian has been cleared, I’ll be back with the same question regarding Chinese, Japanese etc.)

In most cases, this does not depend on the program you are using. If Windows itself cannot display cyrillic characters, then you will not see them, even if your program supports them. Try installing the character sets available from Microsoft’s website.

My Windows has support for Russian installed. WMP 10 produces readable Russian filenames.


MusicMatch JukeBox’s next edition will cope with the Russian characters.