Lame encoder 3.88 released

I just posted the article Lame encoder 3.88 released….

Lame Encoder 3.88 has been released. The Lame Encoder is known for it’s perfect quality, and is recommend by, THE page about audio quality and compression:

LAME 3.88beta  March 25…

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LAME is the best encoder! And it’s free! Better if you use a front-end.

Before instantly downloading this new version you should check a few of the big mp3 info sites because people have been whining about it. Supposedly, the VBR mp3’s it produces are a lot bigger than the ones that 3.87 produced. If you want a great neat small little front end then you want: [url =] RazorLame Check it out, it’s a great little frontend.
That’s the url. I haven’t quite come to grips with the syntax that these boards use :).