Lamborghini Gallardo SE Navigation DVD!

I’m trying to make a backup copy of my 2011 Navigation DVD for my car.
I’ve read quite a lot about how to do, but still can’t make it work.
Tried about 8 times now without any success = I’m a newbie… :slight_smile:

I’ve used A-ray Scanner to see if there’s any copy protection, and it says there’s none.
I’ve the used DVD-decrypter to make a copy of the disc. Burn speed 1.0x.
I know that I’ll have to change the Book type to DVD-Rom, I’ve tried to do it but it seems that DVD-Decrypter doesn’t recognize my burner (HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T20L)
BUT if I check the burning specifications after I’ve created a copy it says Book type: DVD-Rom… So I guess it does it anyways.
I’ve also tried to use Nero and Alcohol 120% without success.
I’m using TDK DVD+R Doublelayer discs.

What am I doing wrong?

Any help is highly appreciated.

A-ray Scanner may not recognize the protection.

This may have Hexalock protection on it, but its certainly not an area I know much about. I am moving your thread into the Copy Protection forum.

By the way, use Verbatim brand +R DL discs instead of TDK.