?Lakeview Terrace?

I can’t seem to be able to make a backup copy of this one. DvDFAB sees the disc by name when I put it in the drive but it can’t finish the scan to read anything on the disc. It is Sony

Thanks for any help offered!

Is path player set as always enabled? if not set it and let us know as FAB has no problems with this movie


I backed up … movie only with no problems. I think path player was enabled.

I tried Player path both ways I also downloaded AnyDvD and it spits it out @ 21%. My reader starts to bulk @ 17% and strugles to 21%.

I am using the DvDFab 6.0.3 beta. I’ll try on another computer and report back in the next day or so.

Thanks for the replies!

Yeah, great idea to try another ODD to read the disc.
I’d also take a microfiber cloth (lens cloth) and windex or alcohol, etc., (be sure whatever you choose doesn’t damage plastic) and clean the disc…even if it looks pristine.
Be certain to wipe in to out, like spokes on a wheel and not in a circular fashion