With the Lakers having basically the identical team from this past year locked into place for at least a few more , who believes they will do It again? I think if every one stays healthy their going to toast the bulls record, and phil will dominate red’s record this coming year.

L.A. Lakers are top in basket atm, probably next year too

Sacramento have been a thorn in their sides for the past two seasons, particularly last season, where they had TWO chances to put them out of the playoffs. If they could have made their freethrows, we would’nt even be talking about a 4peat for the Lakers.

All that said, yeah…I think they can do it again. However, they have to watch out for the Kings and take them a little more seriously than they have in the past. They get closer and closer to beating them every year, and if LA is looking the other way next season, Sacramento could finally surpass them.

Anyway…I’m a Rocket fan…no matter how miserable they’ve been since their two championships…they’re still my team…and always will be. I’ll continually blame it on their uniforms as well :slight_smile: I can’t wait until we get rid of those god awful things.

I completely agree, the kings could have easily stolen the entire show this past year, the Lakers, I feel, got very lucky, but hey who cares about luck, they still won. Next year if they don’t recognize who they are playing before the 4th quarter they are going to be in serious trouble. Lakers all the way through 2005.:cool:

I like Shaq, and always have, even when Olajuwon schooled him in the finals several years back (then again, he was only in the league just a few years). …hehe. He’s a great player, and a good person off the court. He doesn’t get in trouble (ahem AI), remembers where he came from, and doesn’t associate himself with others that may bring him down with them. I also like Phil Jackson. If there ever was a basketball coaching god, he’s it. Better than Pat Riley any day, IMO (just look at the number of rings).

Anyway…I’m a Rocket fan…no matter how miserable they’ve been since their two championships

what a coincedence, so am I!

speaking of championships, what are the odds tht the New york Rangers are going to win the cup this year? 5000-1 or 30000-1? Unlike the Lakers who are stacked with shaq, kobe, etc and win, the rangers have plenty of good people too but suck anyway. :a

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what a coincedence, so am I!
:cool: [/B]

Very cool. I think we have several promising years ahead of us. That is, if Ming works out as well as the Rockets think he will. He needs to bulk up a bit as well. It’s been a slow rebuilding process, but if we can get a decent center (which I think we will), we’ll have a competitive team yet again.

One thing I like about us being bad…tickets are easier to acquire! There are so many fair-weather fans in this city, it’s rediculous.