Lagging problem

Hi, i have burned a DVD for my school, when i play the dvd on both of my DVD players at home they lagg alot. But when i play it on my brothers portable DVD player it plays fine and i have no problem with my friends DVD recorder, Do you think i have to configer my burning or should i get some other DVD-Rs?

Thank you for the help.

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile: (and sorry no one replied - but you posted in the wrng section).

What blanks have you used exactly (brand + model + download DVDIdentifier and post the ID/mediacode of the disc).

Most issues with skipping, stuttering etc… are cause by low quality media or low burning quality from the burner.
You should use reputable blanks like Sony, Verbatim, Plextor.

If you mention your burner exact model and firmware version, it would be easier to help you.

thx for pointing that out. I just got my laptop(Dell) and my friend gave me a avi file to burn. The blank DVD-R is a TDK and my burner is a compact disc Rewritable (ultra speed).

I burned the avi file with the speed of 4 and 6x with convertxtodvd and nero, and they both did the same thing. I hope this helps you guys, thx again.

ok heres the info i got from DVD Identifier…

MY DVD burner is a Soney DVD±RW DW-Q58A - [FW UDS2] - [ATAPI]

Unique Disc Identifier: [DVD-R:TTH02]
Manufacturer Name: TDK Corp.
Manufacturer ID: TTH02
Disk and Book Type: DVD-R - DVD-R

Does anyone have any more information about this, i posted my DVD and Blank information.
Should i just go buy Sony DVDs? i dont want to wist 25$ and get 50 more dvds that dont work and i allrady have +100 TDK dvds. Thanks for the help.

I am also having an issue with ripped dvds that show they are successfully burned.
However, when I play them they will be fine for 30 minutes or even an hour than all of a sudden the disc will pixelate, pause, stop and go a frame at a time and finally stop altogether.
Is this strickly a disc quality issue or copy guard? What can I do to prevent this?
Thank you,

Which media are you using?
I recommend Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim for best compatibility.

I usually use any disc on sale. Right now I am using CompUSA DVD+R blanks.
Have you ever had this problem and do you believe it is the quality of disc used for burning or could it also be copyguard?
I forgot to ask the following:
Where do you suggest I purchase the discs mentioned for best price?