Lagging Playback problem - Please help



Please treat me with care as I am a stupid newbie,and am stuck with a problem.

Every Movie I seem to burn, using various DVD burning software (Copy2DVD, CloneDVD2, Nero, NTI) seems to lag something rotten upon playback in standalone DVD player (and PC Drive).

It only occurs nearing the middle / end of the movies, and can range from 1sec to 10secs.

Can anyone advise where the problem is most likely occuring. E.G. whe Disk, the burn process, the playback settings, the burner device or some other I have failed to mention.




It seems a media problem. What media do you use?

Anyway, welcome to the forum


I am currnetly using these two types
Mitshubishi MCC 02RG20 DVD-R (8x)

The Mitshubishi seems to be the better (less lag)


Ritek discs are know for their big variability in quality. You should prefer Mitshubishi discs: they are better. Prefer also Made in Japan discs (made in taywan Mitshubishi discs are not so good).

Try to post a scan with cd-dvd speed. What burner do you use?


I am using the Artec VOM 12E48X

I have Nero CD-DVD Speed the software, where should I post the result?


do “benchmark” and “scandisc” tests , a “disc quality” test could be nice too but artec drives do not support that feature

as for where you should post the images well abiously into this thread, heres how: upload to imageshack click here no registration needed ,then do a full reply not quick for that click on “post reply” button down on the left ,then click this button

then put the url for the image and click ok , after uploading to imageshack you see several urls for the image use the last one (direct link for image) , the “manage attachments” button can also be used for uploading images but unfortunatly that method allows only 1 image per reply which is why the first method is better

try other media brand , 02RG20 is a very good mediacode and have wide compatbility among drives but maybe your drive dont like it , could also be the drive itself artec drives arent the greatest

do you have the latest firmware?
you burned at the rated speed or lower?
when you burn do you do other things for example surfing/playing mp3s?
before you burned did you disabled the antivirus resident protection?
when was the last time you did a defrag?
check ctrl+alt+del do you see any program with excessive cpu usage?


:disagree: As long as they’re Verbatim-branded, made in Taiwan MCC is always pretty good.

G05’s quality is questionable, but in general it’s fine when freshly burnt, G05 is mainly accused (and rightly so in my experience) of fast degradation. So it should read fine in the first days/weeks. Better stop buying them, though.

So I’d suspect your writer… I don’t know who manufactures “Artec”, I’ve never heard of this brand. Considering the price of DVD drives these days, if I were you I’d consider a proven-quality drive: Pioneer 109, NEC 3540A, Benq 1640…

Cheers :slight_smile:


I can not see the benchmark test option in the software.
Just running other tests now.

BTW, question - is it best to run the tests on a problem disk, or simply a blank one?

r.e your questions:
I don’t know where to get the firmware
I burn at rated or max possible speed.
I have other applications running while burning
I have Norton automatic protectiono enabled
My disk is rather Full and need to burn off some files so I can do an effeective Defrag

can the above have adverse effect on the Burn quality then?


I don’t know where to get the firmware
Me neither :confused:

I burn at rated or max possible speed.
Should be OK

I have other applications running while burning
:disagree: :disagree: :disagree: This can have a huge impact on burning quality, specially considering that you HD is fragmented!! :cop: - to avoid all HD operations during the burn is advisable when you run into problems.

I have Norton automatic protectiono enabled
Should’nt be a problem

My disk is rather Full and need to burn off some files so I can do an effeective Defrag
See my former comments… :cop:


Thanks for the Help
I know DVD burning is a whole science in itself, and you have given me a few starting steps to try out.


you dont see “benchmark” tab under “file” ? , with the problem disc


I am running Nero CD-DVD speed ver 3.30.

There is no option for benchmark test.


ultima :smiley:

edit: that version is very old get latest from


forgot to mention , your nero is likely very old if you got that version which could be another reason for the lags get latest


Got the new version, thanks.


Thanks for the info Phil :slight_smile: