Lag but no FPS drop or network lag

Hey name is CROSADE, i play many games WoW CSS and so on, on to the problem. Hey I for the past 2 weeks have noticed in the 2 games im currently playing that I “drift” in my games when looking or moving, the frames per second do not drop or even flutter and my internet connection does not spike. I opened task manager while playing WoW and watched to see if any programs spike in mem or process% consumption, nothing. I have an AMD 3400+ with 2gb of pc3200 ram and a Maxtor 200gb IDE hdd and a nvidia geforce fx6200 512mb ram. i have run diagnostics, defraged to .08% fragmentation, i have uninstalled any new programs i have loaded on my machine, all drivers for the system and hardware are up to date, i even tryed reinstalling old ones and had the same problem so i reinstalled the new ones again. I have run antispyware from lavasoft and spybot. I tryed reinstalling Direct X 9.0c, I keep thinking its my mouse for some reason, i have had it for some time but seems to work fine, its an intellimouse explorer 3.0 with the intellimouse software installed up to 5.1.2600.0 I can’t think of anything else and the last thing I want to do is reinstall windows… again.

Need to clear something up. Is you lag problem occuring when you are playing ONLINE only, or does it also occur when you play just on your PC?

In CS:S go to the console and type “net_graph 3” (“net_graph 0” to remove it later)

See if you have any choke or loss, if you do maybe your rates are messed up or your ISP is having a router problem along the route you take to get to your online games.

Well, im pretty sure its for online gaming only, the only other thing i have seen that may remotely be the same problem is my desktop sometimes locks up, i can hit the window button and the start menu immeadiately pops up or down but i can’t click on anything and when i do a ctrl + alt + del, the windows task manager pops up and no things go above 2%. I have checked my internet with the net_graph 3 and no loss or choke… at this point I am clueless, and i build my own comps and do maintence and have never seen anything like this before. One last thought, i have that stupid lrpatch.exe on my comp but i deleted the *.exe but at the start up no matter how many times i delete it off my reg it is at the startup. appreciating the help received :clap: