Ladies and Gentlemen, MUST 003

Media Brand: LG
Media Speed: 8x
Burn Speed: 4x
Burner: 1640 w/BSRB
Burner Settings: Defaults

Not bad :)…be curious to see another scan in say 6 months’ time. Any chance of a TRT? :slight_smile:

Where from?

More scans please :slight_smile: Rescan at a later date :wink:

Here you go:

Very nice, thanks :clap:

(And I have to say I love the title of this thread :bigsmile: )

Fry’s Electronics. I was actually looking for CMC MAG AE1s, and stumbled on these instead. Just for fun, and because people keep telling me that you can’t burn higher-speed media at 2x, is another burn with my trusty Pioneer DVR-104 at 2x. Remember, this is a 2x burn with a generic write strategy:

So the wrapper has Must on them. Do you have a label pic?

Be interesting to see scans of the same disc 6 months from now.

No, these are LG (Lucky Goldstar, a Korean company) brand disks which are Made in Taiwan. The media code is MUST 003, but CMC used to also make some of LG’s 8x MIT media, which is what I thought I might get.

Thanks for the pic.

Nice burn for 2X burn. I have never told anyone not to burn @ 2X i’ve only told people to try burning slower as in MCC004 at 12X. Correct me if i’m wrong.

HOw much were they?

I wasn’t referring to you or anyone specifically, but in general, whenever the issue of slow-speed burning comes up, people will say that high-speed media is unlikely to burn decently at such slow speeds as 2x. They say this all the time. I’m definitely not imagining their constant admonishments.

I just like to point out that the Pioneer 104 can burn just about anything at 2x, and do it half-way decently. :bigsmile:

They’re $12.99 for a 50-pack. I had some store credit so that’s why I gave them a try.

I’ve used a few hundred MUST001 (4x) and it was decent bargain media. It was popular for awhile under a couple of generic brands because you could get it for around $18-20 shipped per 100 from Shop4Tech at the time when better media still cost around twice what it does now - I don’t even know if they have any media that cheap, shipped, now, so it was certainly a great deal at the time. Burn quality was usually fairly similar to your results, and the media has held up reasonably well over 2-3 years.

From what I can see -

  1. Low jitter on the first burn
  2. Not a faked media code
  3. Errors are pretty low and very much in spec
  4. Scoobie said the MUST001’s he had still work

I think you might have gotten a nice cheap yet reliable media there :iagree:

LG keeps changing its MID :bigsmile:
I had LG DVD+R 8X with CMC MAG E01 MID (in full sized jewel cases) and the next week I got INFOME R20 , then DVD-R 8X with CMC MAG AE1 and now MUST 003 , not mentioning LG’s own LGExxx MID

I have never found hi speed (16x) to burn worse at lower speed, in fact I find jitter and burn quality better, just not that much better over 8x to be worth twice the time.

Both 16x media (MCC 004 and T03) burnt at 4x in my LG 4137b it cant do any lower, but I would expect it to be better if it could.

^ nice results for slow burning. My Pioneer 106D also likes MCC004 @ 4x

That MCC 004 is Infiniti brand, but I dont think there is much in it over ‘real’ verb MCC 004, I am on about the 4th lot I have got from two different e-tailers getting around 100~300 each time in 50’s tubs, so IMO I have had a few batches and for most of the time at 4x and 8x I get less than 100 PIe’s and often in the 30~40 range which I think is very good. I have not had any TY in the sub 100 numbers off the top of my head, and my H42N is able to almost match that at 8x and 12x.

I have said before and will again for £8~£9 per 50 I think its very good value :iagree:

I don’t think a DVD can have less than 100 PIE, while it’s technically possible, it’s near impossible to achieve.
I guess you were talking about PIF total? :confused:

Japanese style ~ is so cute right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes… you are 100% right, I was running out the door and saw I had started a reply and rushed it thru quick :o :o