Ladder 49 Problem

I just had a strange problem backing up ladder 49. I copied only the main title The burn was sucessful but when I checked it with Nero CD/DVD speed quality check it showed a perfect burn up until the last part of the burn then it went nuts with over 9000 PO failures disc quality of 0.

Chapter 13 is the problem apparently when I tried to paly it on the backup I got a black screen and a lock up until I removed hte disk from the drive. on the original disk chapter 13 is a momentary black screen and then you are kicked to the main menu.

I am guessing that since I didnt preserve menu’s this is the reason for the lockup. I tried cutting chapter 13 when I recopied it but it still appears. and the recopied movie plays fine up until chapter 13.

I am using CloneDVD2 2.7.51 and AnyDVD

Probably bad media. What media are you using? Do you have playback issue with the original DVD? What about the created .VOB file on the hard drive by CloneDVD?

the media is good it is Fuji ( taiyo yuden) 8X DVD+R and they have given me excellent burns. I just burned another back up using them and it is fine. dont know about the .vob files I have clone erase the files after the burn is sucessful. I suppose it could be a mastering defect on the original

Try to play the output of CloneDVD (files) with your DVD player software.

there are only 12 chapters in this movie. watch it and you will see the end credits.
i only did main movie due to quality issues…

Try to play the output of CloneDVD (files) with your DVD player software.

Ok, I normally have CloneDVD delete the files after a sucessful burn but I will rip it again and keep the files and try them.

there are only 12 chapters in this movie. watch it and you will see the end credits.

yes and this is what puzzled me, there are only 12 chapters to the main movie. but even when I select to copy only the main movie I end up with 13 chapters and even AFTER I tried again this time cutting out the 13th chapter it still appears in the burned disk.

Ok I ripped the files ot the hard drive and played them with my DVD software and no problems. chapter 13 is still there but when it reaches there it didnt lock up. it just goes momentarily black then the player closes ( not crashes) which is the same thing I get when I cut chapter 13 ut it ends up on the disk anyway. the good news is I burned the files from the hard drive and this time got an excellent burn.

I can confirm that the movie was backed up successfuly, maybe your media is bad or the orignal DVD is dirty. No problems at all here mate

^ same here … I had no problems backing this one up :smiley:

Just wondering if the THX Optimizer that is present on this disk has anything to do with your problem. I noticed when I chose movie only compression was at 91%, then when I checked the preserve menu it went to 79%, I attribute this significant decrease to the THX Optimizer. Usually by selecting preserve menu it only drops about 4% not 21%. After hitting next it went to 90% with menu, without menu it went to 100%.
What region disk is yours? Mine is a region 1 and has only 12 chapters in scene selection, by selecting preserve menu the final compression was 90% and the THX Optimizer was present and functional.

mine is region one. and I copied without menu. on the original disc there are only twelve chapters in the scene selction menu however with my DVD software player when I go to chapters it shows 13. and I get 13 chapters when I copy the movie even if I cut the 13th chapter with CloneDVD it still appears.

That’s really odd, two questions.
1-When you play on your stand alone player and bring up the menu, what appears there, 12 or 13.
2-What software are you using for playback on your PC.
I’m using PowerDVD and both on the original and copy it only shows 12 chapters.

havnt tried it on one of the standalones I always watch my DVD’s on my PC. but I will check later. I use WinDVD Platinum on the PC.

No Problem here using the latest CloneDVD & AnyDVD on US Version and just copying the main movie (No Menu).

No Problem here using the latest CloneDVD & AnyDVD using Vakoss DVD+R dvd’s and it works great.