Ladder 49 Italian version



Everyone knows if Ladder 49 Italian version is like Saw, Closer and need a PSL
file dedicate? If yes where i can find this PSL file?

I’ve decrypt closer with Dvd fab decrypter, but when i try to shrink with recode the size of unreference material is too big and recode don’t work. Any suggestions.

Thx at all


I ripped only the main movie from Ladder 49.
I read alot about “unreferenced material” trouble, when leftout the trouble also disapear.
I only rip the main movie cause i only watch the extra’s once.
Exuse the bad english. :slight_smile:


Haven’t run into a DVD with the newer protection on it myself, but VobBlanker is always quick to strip anything unreferenced for me. Open up the VIDEO_TS.IFO in that and see if there’s an immediate difference between initial and final size.


Use vobblanker is ok. I made the copy of entire dvd


hey giuda,

i have the ladder italian version too. what did u blank to make a copy of the movie??.
i want the movie with the english/italian version to copy.


DVDFab Decrypter has been updated - suggest you try with the latest version.