LaCie unveils DVD burner with LightScribe technology

I just posted the article LaCie unveils DVD burner with LightScribe technology.

Unveils DVD Burner With LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling
6, 2005
LaCie and LightScribe are partnering to offer the first direct disc
labeling drive for both…

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Hi Does anyone know if this facility is using colours or just black and white, please?

I got it, just gray scale it seems.

No, no color involved, I’ll stick with my Epson R series of printers and the silver backed printable cd/dvd’s they are much better as far as quality goes, the disc tattoo that yamaha introduced a couple years back didn’t go over very well and was flawed, I just don’t see this bening any different other than the space used.

Head on over to: and they show you examples of different artwork that has been done to a CD/DVD using this technology. While it doesn’t look like it does color, I am fairly impressed by the look.

Oh please, RTFA… Lightscribe uses the top side of the media, the Yamaha T@2 used the recording side of the media. The T@2 system worked well if you had space left over… and you could use any media… and no other hardware was required. Lightscribe should catch on, hopefully people aren’t forced to buy only HP quality burners, ahem…