LaCie (Porsche) 8x DVD+-R Drive - rebadged NEC ND-2500A

Hi. I am the (not so proud) owner of a new LaCie Porsche DVD±R external USB drive.
It’s a NEC ND-2500A in a case with a USB2 interface and a power supply.
Got it a week ago, and straight away upped the firmware to official NEC 1.07.
Then my problems started… I burnt a DVD-R (Ritek G04 media, badged as EyeQV or something like that) and the drive refused to read it after it was burnt. Locked up my computer until I ejected the disc.
It read OK on my laptop DVD-ROM drive (Toshiba SD-C2502) but wouldn’t read on my home DVD player (LG DV4721P).
So, tried to burn another. Again on Ritek G04 media, this time badged as LaCie 4X DVD-R. And again, same problem. This time the drive recognized the disc, but wouldn’t read it reliably. Again, my home DVD doesn’t like it, but the Toshiba thinks it’s fine.

Time to return the drive to the manufacturer for a replacement.
I’ll probably upgrade to Herrie’s firmware after I’m sure the new drive works ok.


Unfortunately, there have been numerous problems with Ritek media on many 8x drives, though the problems do seem to happen especially with the NEC ND-2500A drives. If your sole media choice is Ritek, then you might want to consider another drive. Although Ritek media lately has been a crapshoot. Longtime Ritek users (like myself) are switching away due to problems with Ritek media.

I would try a different media in the drive and see how it works for you. It might just be the drive and the Ritek media.

Also, Herrie’s firmware supposedly has better compatibility with Ritek media than the official NEC firmwares. Something else to consider.

Returned the drive. Either way, it’s the media or the drive at fault; both came in the same box (LaCie 8x DVD±RW USB2 with bonus 5 pack LaCie media). Using Nero CD/DVD speed scan, I got about the first 20% of the DVD readable, the rest not.
I also tried Nero CDspeed advanced DAE quality test; got a lot of read errors on a Verbatim CD-R that it had written. I’m used to my Plextor 40/12/40U giving zero errors, so I wasn’t too impressed. Hopefully the replacement drive can actually read what it writes.
I hear good things about the NEC 2500A writing quality - but I have yet to see it.


The distributor of the drive told me today that it was tested and found faulty; so they’re sending me a new one. Should get it Monday. But I won’t pack away the old Plextor 40/12/40U just yet; it still does a brilliant job reading and writing CD’s. All I’ve heard about the legendary Plextor quality applies to this drive… love it to death.
If I’m lucky I’ll get 6 more blank discs with the new LaCie drive; the original came with one, plus a bonus 5. Pity they were rebadged Ritek G04’s.
I’ve ordered 20 Imation DVD+R’s, not sure who makes them, it’s either CMC or Ricoh. Maybe I’ll be lucky… maybe next time I’ll order Verbatim.
I’ll let you all know… assuming anyone’s interested…