LaCie (Pioneer 105) USB 2.0 drive

Twice now I have tried to burn a DVD with DVD2One using Ritek 4X media and immediately after trying to write the lead-in the burn is aborted with the error “SCSI cionnection terminated”. The drive is rated at 4X and is recognized as such by Nero. Anyone ever had this problem? Is it a Nero problem or a hardware problem? I’m using the latest version of Nero and Win XP Home on a Compaq 600 with 768mb memory. Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

hmmm, may be lowing the speed?? but that doesn’t seem to be the problem… and it doesn’t seem to be the media nor the burner… however, i may be wrong. did you try using different medias? and different softwares?? i don’t think i am much of a help but try the above and see if those work. cuz if they don’t, it’s probably a hardware(burner) issue.

I went on to the LaCie site yesterday and, lo and behold, they have their own USB 2.0 driver (a fact not mentioned in the manual that came with the drive). I installed the driver which will/should work for both the Pioneer and a 60gb LaCie HD. I will be testing them today to see what happens. Thanks for your input. :o