Lacie not showing

hi, i have had my lacie ex hard drives unplugged for a couple of weeks, i have plugged them in to get some photos and there not showing on my computer, i have turned it off switched it off by the power button at the back of the machine and restarted but still no luck, any ideas?

It is possible that the disc is damaged. LaCie uses crappy discs in their products, and the amount of failing drives too bad is very high :Z

Try to use the drive in a different computer, just to exclude some local problem in your machine.

thanks, i contacted them and told them what i am doing, they said it was fine!
it goes to show you cant trust anyone:a

Try rebooting the PC with the drive attached and powered on.

still no drive?

The same thing happened to me with a lacie disc (a 2.5" model): after a couple of uses (and I mean really two as number), the drive was not recognized anymore. The only solution was a new drive :frowning:

hi it seems to be a faulty usb adapter it wont pick up any drives, what drive exept lacie would you recommend?

I suggest a Western Digital drive :slight_smile: