Lacie/NEC ND-3500 AG w/Toast .... please, please help

Let me say , I’m very excited to find you guys . I may be not yet completely aware of all your terms yet , but I do have an uncle who knows about firmware and he started me on an Altair in 79 . I am a musician and I do alot of burns so I’m encountering some things I need help with . I had no problems on his Plextor w/ CloneCD . Now …

I’m on my gf’s 400 MHz Power PC G3 (don’t laugh) , we purchased this Lacie burner to mainly do my cd’s and backup her stuff on DVD , and do some video when she upgrades her machine . I assumed a high level dvd rw could handle burning cd’s .

When it reads or burns cd’s it is EXTREMELY loud . It is quiet as a whisper when burning dvd’s . Also this is the 3rd machine we have received from Lacie that the on/off button has not worked . Any suggestions for another external version of this burner will be GREATLY APPRECIATED !!

HERE IS THE PROBLEM … in Audio mode (for cdr’s) it asks for a blank , acting like it has completed the read . It then spits it out , acting like it does not read it . Then I insert a second cd and it stays in the drive until I shut down Toast (which came packaged with it) . It is not the media , the cd’s work in copy mode or data mode .

Originally we ordered the 8x dbl layer and when we went to return it , they stated they were replacing it with the 16x . Fine . Problem is the 8x DID NOT give me these problems . I am afraid this software has not been sussed out , even with the upgrade to 6.0.7 .

The real problem is that I have to save it as disc image , after above problem , THEN it will burn and I didn’t even mount what I saved ! It is very strange . This was not a problem on the 8x in Audio mode .

THEN , after acting like it is ready to burn , EVERY SINGLE TIME it does not read the last track , and I have to insert the cd that contains “Track …” , the last track . What is the problem with this ?

ALSO … Toast Titanium 6 does not allow you to adjust the read speed ??

I also inserted a dvd my friend burned in the 16x , to test the player and possibly burn it , and it shut the entire computer down , only restarting AFTER I switched off the power strip . I thought the entire computer had been lost . Major Major bad sign . I have never seen a dvd drive do this .

The tech guy and I agreed it was the machine so they sent me another , this one has been worse . I am afraid this software is not configured for this writer . The tech guy at Lacie said I was the first person to call about the 16x dbl layer . In other words , it has not been sussed out at all . It seems they only focused on the dvd capabilities . And why the heck is it so loud in dealing with cd’s ???

Thank you so much for any help you can offer . I am also happy to report I have burning on Memorex blacks for 3 years !!! Although I do not like the new version with no room to write anything on it . Where do you read on the cd as to what class it is (9?) ? Thanks again . If anyone would like an mp3 of our music , or a cd , drop me a line !

Thank you CD Freaks !

Okay … I talked to Roxio today . After prolonged silence he asked me what firmware it was running . I knew in my gut the moment I hit this forum that it was the firmware cause everywhere on here it’s firmware firmware firmware . And I figured by the way it was acting that was it , although I am not sure what Harrie’s 2.17 will do that mine won’t . And I aint about to flash this sucker . All I even know about firmware at this point is that it is a set of drivers . It makes sense .

I have 2.06 , he told me the newest one was 2.16 . I find it odd that the Lacie tech guy never once asked about it , but the Roxio guy did . Back to the shop with this one . It still feels like a solid drive and I’m real happy to read what I have on here . All I know is this thing has driven me mad .

It still doesn’t explain why Toast keeps missing the last track in Audio mode during the read , then asks for it knowing it was supposed to be on the cd . Very , very frustrating .

Maybe Sonic Solutions will write Toast with read speed options , cause it doesn’t have it now . Too simple . If anyone has any experience with any of this I’d still like to hear from you .

And hey Pirate X …you said “i can write a full dvd in just over 6mins which is already 3:30mins faster than my 2500a.” Are you writing on 8x media in 16x mode ??? How are you doing that ?

Freak Out Dudes !!!