LaCie introduces the first pocket cd-rw 8x4x32 Drive

I just posted the article LaCie introduces the first pocket cd-rw 8x4x32 Drive….

LaCie introduces a pocket CD-RW drive. It writes at 8 speed (a full cd in ten minutes), and reads at 32 speed.

Building on the rapid success of its 10-30GB PocketDrives™ with mobile…

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When are these things going to have microphone inputs, line-in inputs & a headfone jack? Does it have Burn-Proof technology? Still it’s very cool.

FireWire users : 8x Write, 4x Rewrite, 24x Read USB users : 4x Write, 4x Rewrite, 6x Read NOT SO COOL ANYMORE WHEN YOU USE USB…tell me what is so new about that…HP has it already long before they do !!! :d