LaCie Firewire DVD writer (Matshita LF-D310) photos and 1x burn screenshot



While digging through my old images trying to find early CDFreaks screenshots, I came across a few pictures of an external DVD writer I had a lend of around May 2003:

As the owner was an Apple Mac fan, he had this LaCie external DVD writer which connected by Firewire. I think he said it cost about €1000 new.

A Verbatim 2x DVD-R was €5 and a Memorex DVD-R was €6.50 per disc. As I was finishing up college, I used it to archive my all my college-related files such as projects, assignments, etc. As DVD-Rs were expensive, I filled the rest of the disc with various other stuff I wanted to backup so it was full to the brim, going by this screenshot I kept from the time:

I could not find any specifications on the drive, but if anyone else is curious on scouring the web, the actual drive was a Matshita LF-D310 going by the above screenshot. What I do know is that it wrote DVD-RAM and I was only able to burn DVD-R at 1x only. It did not support DVD-RW. It did not support DVD+R or DVD+RW, as I do know it was not possible to get multi-format drives at the time.

This is also the only DVD-RAM capable drive I’ve used that took DVD-RAM in a cartridge (shown here with a bare disc in the tray):

The owner had one DVD-RAM disc (Panasonic LM-HB47):

I found the DVD-R I recorded at the time and impressively it still reads back fine. I used ImgBurn to make an image of it and my DVD drive didn’t slowdown throughout the disc.

The following is a screenshot of the DVD-R info from ImgBurn:


Can you speculate as to the high quality?

I wonder if the then-new DVD-R standard and those first DVD-R blank manufacturing choices were enacted with a preference towards “quality first” in order to ensure this new standard would become popular?

(As opposed to now, where “Profitability” seems to be the strongest, if not only, concern because DVD-Blanks Manufacturing is probably viewed somewhere between “beating a dead horse” and “a cliff for lemmings”).

Also, with far fewer deviations in Disks and DVD-Laser & Chipset Controller Assemblies, I wonder if all of those early drives and blanks were best suited for each other? And as more competitors joined in, and with fewer licensing-fee restrictions that CD and BluRays require, the DVD Manufacturing field has been more like the Wild West. Or perhaps it’s like that Costner film, FIELD OF NIGHTMARES. “If you build it, you can sucker people into buying it.”

Or is this disk still a good burn because you’ve never used it to scrape paint, spread peanut butter or toss it around for the dog when the favorite Frisbee was misplaced?


What is the media code for the Memorex DVD-R?


Its media code is MCC 00RG200:

The following is a TRT scan of it in my Samsung SH-S223B:

I ran a disc quality scan in my old LiteOn SOHW-1693S. Trying to get its tray open was a pain, as it wasn’t used in a few years. A disc left sitting inside was surely dusty, so I wiped the tray clean. As a result, the following scan is unlikely accurate, but I figured I’ll post it anyway. :slight_smile:

The actual disc is a plain white print-top, but here’s the scan of the jewel case cover front side:

Finally, the reverse side:


Good memories…

I think I had some SANYO burners that also got choke on DVD-RAM cartridges?!

Anyway, some info can really be found via gurgle etc. :wink:

An 311 review is there …311 is the 310 with DVD-RW support.


Thanks for the link, it also confirms one other thing I thought, which was that it could not write CD-R or CD-RW. That sure was an old drive. :slight_smile:


Yeah, could read them but not write…very curious device. :wink:


@Seán, think it’s on time you start a new NOSTALGIA forum section. :flower: I’ve a lot of Princo burns that can match your recent post.

But then, not that many of nowdays myce [cdfreaks] members/ lurkers ever burned a DVD @1x speed.

BTW. Just checked some of my first posts at this forum posted back in '03…