LaCie DVD-R / DVD-RW / CD-RW combo drive article

I just posted the article LaCie DVD-R / DVD-RW / CD-RW combo drive article. has an article about Lacies latest DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD-RW combo drive. This drive is actually a a Pioneer drive capable of writing to a number of different formats, including DVD-R,…

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Write DVD at 1X Speed? Is this Crazy or what imaging u have a 3GB file to be put on the dvd how long does it take to write at speed 1X?:r

It writes to DVD-RW at 1x. It takes about an hour to write an entire DVD-RW disc. The drive writes to DVD-R at 2x, just like the other Pioneer based drives.

how did u work out that 1x equals 1 hour…? if you write a normal cd at 1x it takes 74 minutes, a dvd is much, much larger. are the speeds measured on the same scale? if so then a dvd would take much longer to burn at 1x than a cdr, and a cdr takes more than one hour…

As you may know the X factor in the DVD format is not 150Kb/s but 1385Kb/s that means a full DVD-R (4.38GB) will take around 60mins to be written at 1X and half time at 2X writing speed (30minutes). :4

DVD, Yummy.