Lacie DL problem in Vista (?)

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum, so hi to all!
My problems if the following: I have a Lacie DVD-writer (design by FA Porsche), which has worked without problems in XP. Now I have installed Vista since november 2006, and had no problems whatsoever until…

I tried to burn a double layer DVD…

I use th latest version of Nero, and have used both Philips and TDK discs, at half the accepted writing speed (no more than 4x). The writing is performed without problems. When I try to read the DVD afterwards, the discs is largerly ureadable! Some files are fine, while some are extremely slow to load, ending in a program crash. Other files are just plain corrupt and can’t be read at all. I have never had this problems in XP, but it’s the first time I have this in Vista.

Any sugestions ?



Probably you’re just using bad media. People here at cdfreaks only recommend Verbatim DL-Media so I would give it a try.

By the way: which burner is working in the Lacie enclosure?