Hi, I have a ‘LaCie’ external SCSI cd-cdr that I am trying to get running. I have sent a couple of emails via the LaCie webpage but have had no returns from them. As an adapter has to be configured in order to connect this device it would help me in doing this if I knew that I had the right firmware to drive it. I could then eliminate the possibility that the card is properly configured when the drive isn’t and vice verca.
I have got no info on this drive whatsoever, any insights/information/ideas would be an impruvement to my current situation.
#expects torrent of replies suggesting getting a newer USB cdr#

Well I’ve discovered, thanks to those nice people at that what I have is a re-badged ‘Teac 55s’ and like a floppy drive (and arguably cdrom drives) it requires no soft/firmware to drive it just a properly configured host card. Yay problem solved :cool: