LaCie 500GB, 1000GB and 1600GB


I’ve been thinking of getting another external hard disc and have looked into the manufactuer, LaCie. What are anyone’s opinions about them? Are they a cheap brand? I’ve heard someone thinking that they were. Also I’ve noticed that that the 1000GB external hard discs are more expensive per GB than the 500GB, and the same goes for 1600GB compared to the 1000GB. Why is this? It’s just usually when I compare other manufacturers such as Maxtor. It’s the other way round.

Any help greatfully appreciated.

LaCie has been around for quite a while and has a good reputation for quality products. it is a not-well-known brand because it’s MUCH more popular with the Mac platform than the PC platform but with the universal interfaces these days, that’s begun to change.

btw, those are HUGE drives. they are so big BECAUSE they’re more popular with Macs and are used mostly for video authoring (i.e by way of Final Cut Pro).

I know. I already have a Maxtor 300GB external but need a back up because Windows kept crashing shilst my Maxtor was on. The result being that I can’t see all my files in normal view, but when I right click on properties it is all there.

You realize all it is, is multiple hard drives put together and addressed as one big one. Plus in the cases they can get overheated. Better and cheaper to buy several 300gb hdds and RAID them.

i think the designers and engineers at LaCie are aware of heat issues and have taken steps to avoid overheating. if you RAID-0 drives you increase the failure rate by a great deal (one drive goes and they all go), not a smart move for such a large amount of data.

being a former Mac user (and still current fan of the platform), im fairly familiar with LaCie as a company and they are regarded as top-quality.

But if you are raided for redundancy then data loss is much less likely to happen, although you will loose half your capacity.

true true…but then that negates the cost-savings of buying separate drives and RAIDing them.

200GB * 8 = 1.6TB
400GB * 8 = 3.2TB
200GB * 5 = 1.0TB
400GB * 5 = 2.0TB
400GB * 25 = 10TB

Choose yours!

How much do those LaCie drives cost? Where?

i love how the lacie’s have Firewire 2 (because they cater mostly to the Mac platform where FW2 is already standard). the 1.6TB drive is $2000+ at newegg :o.

here’s some pricing (at newegg) kenshin:

Just wanted to jump in to defend RAID. It’s not accurate to say that RAID-0 is more likely to fail. It’s not.

Example: 5 drives in RAID-0 are no more likely to fail than any other 5 drives. Data that’s not backed up will ALWAYS be lost, regardless of what drive configuration it’s on.

Yep. Unfortunately I’m going to need something like 500GB+ and I’m also tight for space since I have so many books, CDs, VHSs. When I can, I’ll start converting all these to DVDs etc. (minus the books of course).

that’s not true at all rdgrimes. a RAID array’s failure rate is multiplied by the number of discs in the array. one drive goes and you lose the WHOLE array. if you have 5 separate drives not in RAID, one drive goes, but you still have the other 4 perfectly fine.

indeed, chance of failure is the same


should a failure occur you lose n times as much data.

You need to read it again. I said that any number of drives in RAID have the same chance of failure as the same number of drives not in RAID. And you also missed my point, which is that any data that’s not backed up will be lost sooner or later regardless of whether it’s on RAID or not. If you’re backed up, it doens’t matter whether you use RAID or not.
To put it another way still, when a drive goes, you lose data…period.

fair enough, rdgrimes. FL4K put it better.

and i didn’t miss the point, i just didn’t feel the need to point out the obvious about not being backed-up.

I want the 10TB … costs? :eek:

there are other raid levels than 0 (i.e. real ones which deserve the r).

yeah doesnt it depend on the type of raid array that you have as to how reliable your backedup data is…

To answer NDGAARONDI’s question. LaCie is a very reliable brand. I have a Mac so it is product of choice, but if it works the same for PC get one. Very durable yet pretty compact and are available with a triple interface: Firewire400, Firewire800, and USB2.

I bought a 1TB hard disc (triple interface) for about £470 including postage and packing via eBay. It’s very good although a bit noisy at times, but that doesn’t bother me.

What the seller didn’t mention is the file system he used it with, reading the manual assuming he was a Mac user when I soon found out it was formatted to NTFS when conencted to my notebook which has XP as one of my desktops had some difficulty with it (Win 98SE and old processor etc).