Labtop Won't Power On



Hi, I have a Sony Vaio that will no longer power on and need any possible solutions. When I press the power button no lights turn on and no noise is made by the computer. I have tested the AC Adapter with a volt meter and it’s out putting the right volts, also I disassembled the computer and attached the AC Adapter and followed the current inside of the computer and seems to be working properly. When I had the laptop apart I completely took it apart and look for signs of damage or shorts etc there where none. I used my computer one night turned it off and the next morning nothing at all. It’s been a few months since I tried anything with it so if anyone has any suggestion I would greatly appreciate it. If it’s any help the model number is VGN-C140G.


Is it one that will not power up if the battery has gone south?
Some need to operate only from the battery even if you use the power cable.


I have powered on and used this laptop countless times without the battery so that can’t be it.


Even with the correct voltage from the adapter there might not be enough amperage.