Laboratory setup

Hi all,

I’m engineer in a laboratory of the industry ministry in TUNISIA.

We are about of setting up a new laboratory for testing all media types such as CD-R, CD-RW, magnetic tapes…

Would you like, please, to help or advise me on the necessary equipment (configuration, burner … brands, models) and professional software needed to do such tests on these kinds of media ?

What is the technical documentation needed (references) to get in the subject (standards, RFCs…) ?

Criteria of doing these tests are:

[li]Manufacturer’s announcements (speed, quality…)
[/li][li]International standards (but which ones ?)
[/li][li]… you can suggest others if any

I will appreciate a lot your help.
Thank you in advance.

why u testing cdr and cdrw?? get with the times and test DVD media. cd media is dead mate. just about. and theres one easy rule these days with cdr media: but only verbatim datalifeplus, ritek or taiyo yuden. simple.

seriously do some DVD tests. they r the furure and barely anybody has gone into great depth testing them.

oops …
cd pirate u are right, but forgive me : i just forgot :o to mention DVD (wich are of course included in the planned tests)

but again, can anyone help me please (a reference to an RFC will be a great help)

thk u.

read around here mate and find the standards for DVD burning. it should be in the DVD tests section. theres a sticky on all the guidlines for a good burn.