I would like to purchase an optical drive that can write labels to discs using LabelTag. From my understanding drives that have this feature are no longer made, and I would have to buy an older drive. Does anyone have any recommendations for a model to get? (I know some drives can also be crossflashed to get this capability.)

The easiest way is to look for a LiteOn iHAS 524 or 624.

Is labeltag same as lightscribe feature?

Yes, they seem to be pretty rare on eBay though. I looked at the Lite-On optical drive list and it seems that the other ones (iHAS 124,224,324,424) that can be crossflashed to support LabelTag have different revisions (they have A, B, etc.) so it is difficult to find ones on eBay/Amazon without having the entire model number of the drive.


Labeltag uses the data-surface to write pictures/graphics to a disc, the used space canĀ“t be used for data.

Lightscribe need additional hardware in the drive and uses the non-data surface with a special coating, the data-surface can be used as usual