Labeltag- opinions

hi to all. i wanted to start this thread compelled by the use of label tag. i want to ask what do you think of this feature and how can it improve in the future.
this is my opinion.
after using this i have to report that is fast and a very impressive feature.
this is a list of what i would like to change.

-the fact that the disc must be opened and not finalized. i think that this feature could be indipendent

-can be used only for data discs but not in dvd video mode burned discs

-needs lots of space free to burn it. it could use less space allocated.

-it could let the user choose the size of the lettering (like ms word lets you choose font size) in order to use less space.

  • and also when the procedure ends the discs is automatically finalized.
    if possible in the future who knows what might be improved

It looks very unlikely someone will ever do any update to this technology, but I’d love to see these features:

  1. better drive support than two models in the universe!
  2. platform-independent software, which lets you use your completely prepared design (like in real DTP)
    3a) an option to prepare a labeltag image and afterwards burn it at once with data
    3b) ripping the labeltag picture off the media
  3. decreasing labeltag burning time