Labels use artificial intelligence to find the hit songs

I just posted the article Labels use artificial intelligence to find the hit songs.

Accoring to the Spanish company Polyphonic HMI it is able to find hit songs using artificial intelligence. The technology is already in use by the major record labels to determine if a song has a…

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"This to make sure that music that hasn’t this potential will be marketed and cause losses for the labels. " Shurely shome mistake??!! :4 So the music industry needs a computer to tell it what a good song is, and they wonder why they are losing money?

“Though the software does work and has been determined to have no known bugs or logic errors, all new music passed to the program is deemed as garbage. The makers of the software and music industires are still baffled today what is wrong with the AI engine…”

Certainly explains all the crap the industry has been trying to ram down our throats for the last several years. And yet they still try to blame piracy for slumping sales? Sad. Just sad.

Is this the same Polyphonic that makes the pitchshifter? If so, hats off to you, you make my life much easier…

I don’t know about you but I am always looking for something new, the someone tweaks a note or rearanges the cords. Frankly, I’m tired of the bubblegum pop currently out there and have returned to older alternative, rock, and jazz to get some variety. It seems that with some “logical” software coosing, we will receive the same cookie cutter music we currently have. But who knows what will happen. It could be that a bug in the software might identify the greatest song of all time (Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!). To paraphrase a saying I ran accross, “With artifical intelligence comes artifical stupidity.”

Seems thats its better to blame a computer for there stuff ups. Rather then take a chance themselves.

Perhaps, they could develop artificial consumers to purchase their artificial crap!

to Beaker75…HeHeHe… there is no such thing as artificial stupidity, unfortunately for us it is all to real and those that seek to control our lives have an abundance of it…:7

Ahh, that explains it all. Now I know why all of today’s music sucks, er, sounds like… and few original sounds come out of the big labels.

Maybe they could purchase search requests (if possible) off some P2P application developer. If they know what their potential customer’s are searching for using search statistics, then they should know what will be hits or not. :slight_smile: As they are against P2P companies, I doubt they will do this.

OK, so, like when Van Halen came along with riffs and never before heard ripping guitar solos and style, Artificial Intel would have kicked them to the curb? Patted their little boodies along…what crap will they think of next? They need to poll the consumer and quit trying to predict and spoonfeed us with what they think is the next Madonna or Godsmack and feed us some plain old fashioned Art!

Ok I don’t like the same old crap. If I hear the same type of music on the radio over and over I’ll start yelling at the fucker. When I hear a new song I wanna hear a beat, or a solo, or a riff that I’ve never heard before. Notes strung together into a pattern that I’ve never experienced before. If I’ve heard it before why would I buy it again. Sometimes I listen to the lyrics and I try to get a feeling of how many drugs the singer had to do before coming up with such awesome original ideas. Not the same rehashed shit. I don’t say, I liked that CD because it sounded just like the last one I bought. Maybe when they get the AI results they should say, this thing said this song sucked so it will probably sell. But here is what I don’t understand, why do you need a machine to tell you if the general public will like the song. The general public is perfectly willing to tell you if they like it or not for free. Here’s an idea, put it on a filesharing network and if people download it, they probably like it. Of course if you look deeply enough this is basically people saying we’re too stupid to decide what we like. One day they’ll come out with the “perfect song” and wonder why nobody likes the last 510 remixes of it.