Labels On Dvd's

Do anyone put labels on there dvds as i was told if you put them on it makes the dvds go out of balance is this true or can i put them.

…many thanks:cool:

Utter Rubbish…I label all my backups and ALL work 100%

Not rubbish! Labeled DVD’s will not play on my JVC standalone. If I remove the labels, they play fine. I had to strip the labels off 5 DVD’s before they would play.

I now use hub labels to label them. I have read that alot of folks use a sharpie and just write on the hub.

It appears to be related to several factors; discs, players, burners, all seem to be hit-or-miss. Some folks don’t have problems but others do.

I don’t use them anymore because it does appear that they interfere with being read.