Labels on DvDs

Is it possible that placing a label on a burned DVD can cause freezing and inability to even load the DVD? If so how can we Identify which DVD players will compensate for this.


Just say no to labels…


Totally agree with rob-

Buy some Sharpies and lose the labels they only lead to problems such as yours–


Yes it is true and you should never palce labels on DVD’s. Imbalance problems since they are far more sensitive than CD’s. Heat from player causing glue to melt and messing up your player. All DVD burners I’ve owned specifically state in the owners manual not to place labels on the dvd’s.

An alternative is buy special inkjet printable DVD’s and get yourself a printer such as Epson that will print directly onto the DVD’s. Or get yourself a DVD burner that uses Lightscribe Technology and use Lightscribe media that is more expensive and burn the label onto the disk. I don’t have much knowledge about Lightscribe but I highly doubt you can transfer jpeg image onto the disk, it’s probably more like templates that you can add text.

Or do as I do, make a nice case usng original artwork, then use a Sharpie to write on the disk.

“Or do as I do, make a nice case usng original artwork,…”
can you elaborate on this?

Excuse me, just what exactly is a Sharpie?
Thx. :smiley:

Sure, I use Acoustica label maker to make my case labels.
You can download the original artwork from

Go to DVD section and click on the alphabet letter of the name of the movie you want. Most of them have the jpg for the entire original DVD case, some even have the label for the DVD which I never use. Just right click on the displayed cover and choose save as, giving it a name of your choice and saving it to a folder on your hard drive.

Open up Acoustica Label maker and navigate to the folder, open a new DVD case template and click on the image. It goes into the template as a perfect fit. Hit print, cut along the printed edges with an exacto knife and ruler, and it fits perfectly in the case.

Second option is if you’re limited in space, you can put them in a regular or slimline jewel case. Still using Acoustica Label maker but getting the jpgs is different. You can go to, type in the name of the DVD, once it appears click on it to enlarge, then right click on it and save as with name and place you want to store. Open Acoustica and insert the image only this time in a jewel case rather than DVD case.
Tip: when you insert the jpg into the template you must right click on it
and uncheck the box that states something like lock the image, by unchecking it you can stretch the label for a proper fit.

Two more sources for jpgs for jewel case covers (note some display copyright protected in the jpg)

A sharpie is a felt tipped pen available in several colors that is DVD safe.
You can get them in any office supply. Buy the fine point, it does a much neater job.

Never label DVDs.
Nowdays it is even stated in the manuals of standalone DVD Recorders/Players. Not without any reason.

We had a thread or at least a longer discussion on this matter some months ago. Please do a search.

If you must though, use the specific lightweight papers and dont buy discs with strong labeling.(shows through) Be pedantic about positioning the label square on the disc. I’ve got labels up to 2 years old, and never had a problem, but each to their own. (I’m just too damn lazy to bother now)

The only labels I have seen that cause no problems are the very small hub labels that go around the center hole and are about 1/2 inch. My local library uses these and their discs get more play than any normal use. They last well beyond their useful life.

I think it really depends whether the DVD you burned actually played before you labelled it. If it did then labelling is obviously the cause otherwise it’s a bad burn.
I used to label my DVDs & I don’t think it caused any problems but I can’t be bothered to now, just like pollushon.

Agree with everything said here and yes a label can cause problems. Did the DVD’s load without a label?

If you don’t like the sharpie idea than I would go with an inkjet printer that can print directly on the DVD, like the epson P230 (About $90.00). Lightscribe is ok, but the problem with lightscribe is the DVD’s are much more expensive and it takes awhile to burn the label into the disc, and it’s not in color. Go for the inkjet printer or the sharpie, IMO

best bet is to get an EPSON R200\R300 printer and print directly to disc
btw these models are now at EPSON R220\320 but will cost a bit more the other models are still widely availible and a bit cheaper (well in uk anyway)

Also (and I’m sure this is in the other thread if you did a search for it) be aware that labels can eventually pull away, and WILL take the reflective coating off the discs when they do. :frowning:

I’m not absolutely sure that if the reflective coating were damaged it would render the DVD unplayable, I thought this only applied to CD’s since they use a different strategy than DVD’s. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I do know the glue can cause problems.

This only applys to CD’s. As itzbinnice stated the build of a DVD vs CD is very different.

Yes, my bad for not mentioning this. :slight_smile: