Labels on discs?



Apparently a lot of discs have problems if you put labels on them?

Are there any that are safe to put them on?

Also, is there anywhere you can buy printable labels? Not for a whole disc, just nice, neat rectangular labels that can be used with a printer for printing text onto???

Pointers appreciated. :wink:

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Hi groovemeister,

Many, many threads on this subject, & why Not to use sticky labels. I gave up on them long ago for various reasons, & now I either use a cd/dvd marker, or if I want to make fancy discs, I will use my epson r220 printer, which prints directly onto the disc.

You would need to use special printable media, but it is not really all that much more in cost, esp. when you figure you would be buying labels anyway.

There are small labels that affix to the center “clear” part of the hub, but unless you can read tiny, tiny print, I don’t feel they are very useful.

regards, katzz :slight_smile:


If you put a label on a disc it will make it out of balance. Use Sharpie or printable discs with printer.


Thanks for your replies guys - well I don’t fancy buying a disc printer just to word make nice neat words on discs.

These center labels - is there software to print in that manner? I’m really only after something that can write a disc title to differentiate between the discs.


Hello. I agree with everybody else, it’s better to marker or use a printable DVD. That being said, some of my DVDs have been stable with labels. They are:
Verbatim Datalifeplus 8x DVD-R
Philips 8x DVD-R
Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+/-R

I base this on successfully playing the entire contents of the disc continuously in my 2 DVD players after 1 year (though some of them are older), and my DVD players are sensitive to this problem in that other brands stop playing after approx. 30 minutes.

Hope this helps


see thread dated jan2007 on 'paper labels fixed.'
I have been successfully using 8 cm labels since jan2007. Full sized labels only work on CD’s, NOT DVD’s, without some player modifications (installing a fan, which works extremely well with full sized labels).
I use an Epson stylus C67, the cheapest I could find. ignor the doom & gloom merchants.


Thanks for your suggestions guys buy I recently got a Lightscribe drive which solves the problem for any future DVDs/CDs. Should have thought of it sooner really.


i have lightscribe disc too… it’s cool and all but the process of printing the label on is like a long ass time. if you have a dedicated computer to do that stuff it’s fine, my computer lag like crazy when it print the lightscribe and i have no idea why, i’m using a core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.6ghz… must be software/driver problem.


Only problem is that LS discs can cost 2x as much as the most expensive printable discs. Doesn’t take long to cover the cost of a inkjet printer at that rate. :wink: Plus the fact that LS discs offer a limited choice of media makers.