Labels discussing CD copying in Longhorn with Microsoft

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EMI and other international labels are in talks with Microsoft, discussing how their content should be handled in the next generation OS code named Longhorn. Apparently, the…

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I’m surprised BMG isn’t the label taking the lead with Microsoft. BMG have all but dropped SunnComm’s MediaMax and are looking at alternatives. Industry insiders are saying Macrovision’s CDS and Sony’s new key2audio are the front runners, with CDS the technical favorite but key2audio the political favorite since the merger with Sony got the go-ahead. But getting their wishlist in early with Microsoft would expand their options and put pressure on the copy protection vendors to keep pricing moderate

It doesn’t matter. The true pirates are always going to thwart the copy protections because there’s too much money in pirating not to. The only people that this will affect are the average person who, without programs such as CloneCD, Alcohol, Blindwrite, etc., do not have the resources to make backups of their legally purchased items.