Labels demanding common protection standard for downloads

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The major record labels have had it with the confusing array of DRM schemes. So much so that they are ready to take on Apple and Microsoft and push for a common standard for digital…

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Choices, choices, choices, alas I view both formats as garbage, neither get my vote. Down with DRM’d garbage anyway. After all, who needs lossless encoded and restricted music files anyway. I will not be utilising either format by voluntary choice!!! :X

lossy audio? No thanks. Lossy audio plus the restrictions and incompatibilities of DRM? Sounds enticing… Long live (unprotected) CD. With moves like this, it’s almost guaranteed to be the main music carrier for a long time to come.

Thats fine, to develop one set standard. But that standard should then be royalty free so that no one company can make all the money.