Labels burning



:a I,m fuming .I,m mad .Icanot burn my disk labels, help please:bow:


What burner? Do you mean lightscribe or labelflash? What OS? What software are you using? Brand of disk?


labelflash and disk NERO 7- 8-9


Welcome to CDFr… MYCE! (I’d rather be a freak ;))

You’re much more likely to get some sensible replies if you provide a little more information about your problem. Most of us (!) are not psychic…

For example:
You say you’re having problems burning disk labels; are you using labelflash or lightscribe disks? What software and hardware are you using?

What error are you getting? Or does absolutely nothing happen? I’m assuming that you’re using Nero Cover Designer.


P.S. Damn, too slow!


[QUOTE=sapounadas;2465866]:a I,m fuming .I,m mad .Icanot burn my disk labels, help please:bow:[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=sapounadas;2465878]labelflash and disk NERO 7- 8-9[/QUOTE]Try the software from please. For me, it worked better than Nero Cover Designer.



thanx for repline ,my english is not very good that is why i donot lost of writing. now ,mydisk drive is labelflash,and the software is -3- NERO disk 7-8-and9. what i am try todo is to burn titles on the upsitedowndisk thax