Labels are busted and lose in court to the tune of 2 million bucks



I just posted the article Labels are busted and lose in court to the tune of 2 million bucks.

It seems that that Warner and Universal fought the law and the law won. The full Federal Court sent the labels a message that snuffing out cheaper competition will not be…

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It’s hard to celebrate as this is a catch 22. It’s good that the hand of the corporate gods were slapped for roughing up retailers, the $2mil in penality is probably going into some politician’s pocket instead of to the companies who’s livelyhood was threatened. While this article makes no mention of retailers removing the CDs of small labels so there probably wasn’t any measureable harm done, small labels were going to be harmed. I do realize a trial costs lots of money, but I really hope some of this fine get’s into the hands of the smaller labels that deserve it, but most likely, it won’t.


$45,000 fine to a record EXECUTIVE is hardly a dent compared to college kids who are getting fined $17,000. (Only after settling, remember they were sued for 47 million dollars or more!) Record executives and companies are being proven in court in over and over again about millions (billions?) of dollars they are making illegally through racketeering, price fixing, monopoly. And yet this is the only penalty. College kids trade songs (for no $$$) and are slapped with felonies+ fines. Sad. This is not a “great day”.


You all know, as well as I, that the justice system treats the rich more favorably than those who are not rich. The only time the justice system crashes down and is merciless toward the rich is when the general population is in an outrage… for example Enron. If you are rich, everyone kisses your ass. If you are not rich, then you exist for the purpose of being made an example. I know I’m speaking very broadly and generally, but then again, how many times and with how many examples must an instance occur before becoming a rule of thumb?


nite0859 I know there are no millionaires on death row! At least in the US. :frowning:


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justice served my arse…what will these executives pay out of their own pockets…fukspence…this only serves to show that these pricks are not untouchable…and the companies…these activities will continue…only more subversively… remember the golden rule…if you got the gold, you make the rules…:X


The law sucks doesn’t it? :r Only the “poor bastards” (literally) sufferred! If you haven’t got lots of money then tough luck! If you got money, then join OJ Simpson in the “The-Rich-Bastards-That-Go-Free” Club. C’est la vie, I suppose!