Labelling CD's



just label them
dont use spray’s!
if you handle them well they dont go ugly


I bought one of those CD labeler kits recently that you use your ink-jet printer to print the labels. They really make CD’s look spiffy!

The labels are just paper, though, and as soon as it gets wet the ink runs, and it ain’t so pretty anymore. What could I spray/stick on on top of this label to protect itand make it more durable? Any Ideas?


Firstly a warning… playing games on your computer whilst in the bath is dangerous for your health, and it can f**k up your nice printed cd lables…

Sorry couldn´t resist… as to your problem, not sure how your getting them wet ??? but you might try an art shop for a fixative spray, that might help but i am not sure what effect it would have on your cd´s alternativly give your baby something else to suck on…


have a look here under cd labels, especially if you live in the uk


sorry forgot the url :