Labeling Software

Hi! I just bought a new PC with vista. Unfortunatly my dvd/cd label making software is not compatable with vista. Does anyone have a website to download free labelmaking software that will work with vista and make Blu-Ray Case Artwork as well as cd/DVD labels? Please help. I have bought a few Blu-Rays at a great discount without Artwork. I Need the software to make the Artwork. Some of the blu-ray covers I downloaded from CD.coverscc web site. Please Help. Steve

You do know that doing a search with google will most likely give you many website :iagree:

Try this link there are a lot of them here.

Have not downloaded any of these from the above post but I suspect that none of them are free as he was asking about, but I could be wrong.

This is not a problem issue and [B]is not related to DVDFab[/B] and Steven J. Germano can do a search on his own :iagree: