Labeling shiny silver-top DVDs

I heard that it was dangerous to label (with a marker) shiny silver-top CDs that have no manufacturer label on it, for the shiny silver top is the actual important, data storing part of the CD and marker ink will eat through it over time (and it is true, it happened to me). I also know that DVDs don’t store data the same way, so any marker ink will never be able to touch the actual data storing area of a DVD. So my question is that is it safe to buy shiny silver top DVDs (Why? CHEAP) and write with a permanent marker (not even a “CD safe” marker) on top of their shiny silver top?

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Dunno what pen you use but I’ve never had a problem. CDs are seriously cheap now though so just pay a little bit more and get some decent ones :wink:

I’ve never had a problem marking them.

no problem here either. not even on my ceap Great Quality cd brand from Fry’s

The manufacturers label is merely a coat of ink. Check out the pic. Only top brands have the extra protective layer but even still, cheaper brands are well protected from felt tip markers. DVD and CD’s physical layer structure is exactly the same. (dual layer just has an extra dye layer, a spacer, and a semi transparent reflector as well) Unless your texta is made from acid, the solvents used will not damage the disc as they dry and become inert less than 5 seconds after writing.

From my understanding CDR and DVDR structures are different…

CDs and DVDs look similar, but their layer structures differ. The recording layer of a CD is located just beneath the labeling side. On a DVD, the recording layer is in the center of the disc. In theory, solvents from a solvent-based marker will not penetrate to the center of a DVD through the polycarbonate layer on both sides of the disc. Consequently, the data and metal layers in the center, in theory, should not come in contact with any harmful solvents. Nevertheless, the same precautions taken in labeling CDs are advisable for DVDs. The marker used to label a CD will work just as well on a DVD. Restricting oneself to the CD-safe marker will also eliminate the potential for mix-ups in the use of distinctive CD or DVD markers.

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I stand corrected, I’ve never seen a diagram with layers in proportion, excellent link hastey. I think though we can safely say it would be almost impossible (in theory) for markers to damage data. I have never used a ‘cd safe’ marker before, and never had a problem.

Yep its an excellent guide

I just use pens on my dvds


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Have used Sanford “Sharpies” for years - no problems - just stay away from the edge…