Labeling DVD's?



I have heard war stories about labels screwing up the balance of the spinning media in the drive. Okay, I can live without the label, but would it seme those little printable hub-ring labels cause much problem?

Also, I have heard conflicting stories about the proper way to store DVD’s. I keep all mine in the good black plastic DVD cases, but should they be stored flat or upright?


I really dont think that it matters if you store it verticle or horizontal unless you plan on archiving it. A while back I made a post about the whole storing dvd’s verticle thing was a throwback from the vhs days. With vhs tapes, storing the tape on it’s side will infact damage the tape. the weight of the cassette will cause the edge of the tape to curl. If you had one of those expensive vcr’s that could put index marks on the tape (so it could automatically find any of several certain places on the tape), the index marks were the first to go if you stored it on it’s side. the next to go would be half of your hifi stereo audio. After time the tape would curl enough to damage the video too (particularlly since the audio and the edge of the video were stored on the same space (the first layered recording so to speak). So I though that the crap about storing disks a certain was was a throw back from the vhs days. The only ration responce that I remember (it was on this forum so if I forgot something please forgive me), was that moisture is more liklly to collect if the disk is stored flat, so it should be stored verticle. So I asked, how can moisture harm a pollycarbonite disk??? The answer is mold!!! If micro water dropletts are allowed to stand on the surface of the disk, mold might form. I might think that this was bullshit but I know from my knoledge of camera equipment (and my famillys knoledge, which is much more vast than mine), A 2000$ camera lens can easilly have it’s very expensive and very protectively coated lenses complettly destroyed by small traces of mold!!! The surface of a dvd or a cd is an optical surface just like a lens and mold can damage pollycarbonite, just like any other plastic!!! This reason made sence so I bought it. Problem is, if you live in Texas like me, verticel or horizintal, your still fucked!!! Humidity destroys everything here (I know its not on the level of a rain forest but I’m from a colder climate (and its not just the heat, its the humidity!!! So it sucks!!!
I don’t imagine that was the response you expected, but that was the only one I have heard that made sence. Franklly, if you are using the dvd’s, it is probably not a problem. If you have or are trying to grow a library (even a tiny one like mine) where disk might sit for a long time unused, consider problems.
I know that people will say, by the time they could even mold, dvd will be obsolete (not true, it can mold in a month in poor storage (at least a camera lens can). It doesn’t mater how long they last, by the time the disk become unreadable, dvd will be dead and you can convert it all to blu-ray!!!
I really bought into that who cares how long it lasts, It will last longer than the format will crap for a whlie. I now think diffrent. How many of you have transcoded dvd to hdtv (how long will that take to transcode)??? I just stopped myself from rambling on (a few more pages).
How do I store my dvd’s? I dont think it matters. Pollycarbonite is not like glass (it wont flow over the years). I live in a misrable, humid climate (I know that their is worse), but my dvd’s are in my house that benifits from the drying effects of of good old cold A/C year round!!! The only place we have mold problems is in the bathrooms where thier is constant water.


use hub labels.


Hub labels suck. I wish thier was a good way to do it. Thier are printable disks, thier are lite scribe. Yea, shure, I want to pay 1-2$ per disk so I can have these fancey features with crap media, instead of verbatium 16x media for less than 10$ per 25.
I am actualy stuck with printable media (how fucked is that).
I got a deal but it’s not like I’m going to spend the money for print equpment for a few hundred didsks???


For the printable discs, it’s all about what’s important to you. All I buy are inkjet printable blanks from TY. I enjoy taking the time to make a nice label for my burns, especially the backups of my movies and games. Much better than looking at a “Verbatim” logo and my messy handwriting… Yes, they cost a little more, but you don’t have to worry about paper labels or pens that might eat through the surface. And, if you are in the market for a new printer anyway, the Epson 200 prints CDs and is about $70 US.


Permanent marker works for me. Preferably a fine-tipped one, so I can write the contents on it without mess.
The U.S would use Sharpies. Get a fine one.



Sharpies Rule-




Sharpies Rule-



Thanks muchly, all. I have finally gotten smart enuff to get TY’s. they work so great that I would hate to mess them up with destructive labeling. Looks as tho Sharpies will do it. The recordable surface is on the bottom of the dvd as it is being played, right? If so, perhaps judicious use of a Sharpie on the top will do just fine. My modest collection of dvd’s, around a hundred, never set unplayed for any length of time, so I s’pect the storage, vertical or horizontal, is mute/moot (Sorry, can’t spell, ain’t never had no book learnin’)…

Thanks again for all the responses…


Lurch: Yes, the plain purple side, on the bottom as you play it, is the data (recordable) side. Don’t write on that side!!! Use that sharpie on the top!


Just wondering about the storage question. Since the blank media comes in a tub, and the media does not actually touch while stacked, howsabout storing originals in a tub with perhaps a packet of the silica stuff that is designed to prevent moisture? Would this help keep the mold away? Have had no problems like this yet, but guess I am a bit paranoid about my original disks. S’pose it has something to do with how I used to lose VHS tapes. Since I have been quite successful making backups, 1-clickDVD, I intend to play only the backiups and let my orginals rest.


I would think that would work just fine. I’m not even sure that is’s nesasary but it couldn’t hurt and it might help. Personally I keep some stored in spindles because I just have too much crap and not enough cases. I guess the silica stuff might be a good idea if you think it might go untouched for a while. It probably also depends on the humidity in your area.