Labeling dvd's with canon ip series? need help!

Hi all!

Anyone can help me with the settings on canon pixma 4k…

Im trying to lable a dvd, verbatim with full face…

  • The lable gets very brigth, not dark original colors, how do i fix this?
  • It doesnt lable all the way in to the middle, I got verbatim full face printable wichh makes it possible to lable the whole disc

Anyone can help me out here?

Im using the following software for labeling, canon or someting

For printing to the center, read this:

As for brightness, not sure what you mean. If you’re printing a picture, maybe you need to edit the pic and brighten it like that. Otherwise there may be some kind of filter in canon’s printing software to get u the right colors.

Thanks alot!

But what I mean with the bright colors… I heard that there was a setting that was for photo printing or regular…mine is probably on photo now therefore the “bright” colors…any idea where i can set it to standard/regular so I can get real colors? I have scoped threw the whole program, cant find it!

Ok I will try to explain it a little more…

When I lable there is no black/dark color on the dvd what so ever, instead there is light blue…
Off course I have full black caset!

Anyone have a clue what this is??

Ive soon wasted 20discs on finding out what the f*ck this is:P

In printer preferences you need to change color from auto to manual and then click the set button, Look for the Intensity slider and increase it to 15 to 20. This will make black be black agian and make all colors richer looking.

NOTE: not all media needs this, just certain types that don’t print dark enough.